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There’s nothing flat about our delicious Khachapuri flatbreads, made with a selection of tempting cheese fillings. Link in our bio for the full recipe #NEFFpassion

Supermarket shelves may be missing one or two essentials at the minute. Worry not, here are a few substitutes to keep your baking brilliant. Comment below and share your best baking substitutes #NEFFpassion

Did you know you can grow vegetables from their leftovers? It’s great fun and even prevents food wastage. Get your kids growing! #NEFFPassion

Did you watch our stories on how to make a sourdough starter? Just add flour, water and salt and our loaf is great with butter or a hearty soup. Visit our highlights to watch our step by step guide #NEFFpassion

Our local suppliers need us more than ever! Do what you can to buy local and help businesses in your area. #NEFFpassion

Good planning and a touch of creativity can give you great meals and prevent panic buying. Check out our four tasty tips. #NEFFpassion

Thinking of giving your home a fresh new look but not sure where to start? Top design blogger @abigailahern has put together four simple guides to help you turn your house from dull to delightful in next to no time. Take a look at your kitchen with new eyes and unleash your inner designer. #designinspiration #kitchendesign #Neff To learn more, see link in bio.

How do you cook with rhubarb? Celebrate peak rhubarb season with our sweet, crunchy and moreish meringue with delicious salted hazelnut brittle, all made with #NEFFpassion. Find the full recipes on our recipe portal, The Ingredient. Link in our bio.